Friday, August 31, 2007

Making: Nothing Happen

Nor can I agree that it "affirms nothing and denies nothing." Poetry, all language, is made from, survives in the valley of the making of distinctions. Others come along and share in, expand those distinctions. And that's an affirmation, and a denial of certain things. Were it not we'd be infants. And though as adults we may praise, admire, and have nostalgia for the expansive imprecisions of the learning-language of children, they do not and developmentally cannot make experience-based/language-based articulations the way we do when older. Because one cannot mark out the growth of constellations does not mean they are formless, have no terrain, and lack self-identity. What you can't pin down is meaning, but meaning definitely defines and redefines: logos expands into and illuminates chaos. Which is why we're here, if we're here for anything at all.

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