Friday, August 31, 2007

Problematic is a noun

... in some recent critical writing! Other lingo includes "tropes of verisimilitude," "instantiation," "privileged mode," "viewing subject," "production," and the old chestnut, "theory and practice."

Speaking of gunk, a few last remarks about the Goldhill essay. G. says very aptly, "As so often with comedy, mockery has a socially normative effect." If this is true, then I certainly about wonder about the ludic/deformative kinds of writing that are supposed to be (pace McGann) more expansive and less coercive than... um, than what came before it and lingers on. Both G. and McG. address "that critical moment of being emotionally persuasive," (15) when a work is "psychologically blinding," in other words, coercive. I'd rather say "illuminating" (when a work is at its best, that is). Anyway, "What is Ekphrasis For?" is a fine essay, and Goldhill is especially good on ekphrastic epigrams. And he's sent me searching for the 36 poems on Myron's Cow in the Anth. Pal.!

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