Friday, August 31, 2007

Time and space as usual

"time and space, as usual, oppose themselves"

"I have heeded beautiful tempters, yet do not think I am wrong"

"love what you are taken from"

"the books the Shadows write in"

[from Emily Dickinson's letters]


"the drouth I had touched with my own hands"

[Lowell, in an interview]


"You can hold back from the suffering of the world, you have free permission to do so, and it is in accordance with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering yo could have avoided."



"... difficulty is ordained to check poltroons, for we can demand the assurance of ourselves that we are not going to be downed."

"Rectitude has a ring that is implicative."

"The easiest expedient is to cut out words. If this sacrifices meaning, more pains must be taken with the meaning."

[Marianne Moore, in her letters]


"Take to heart what may be learned from Oedipus:
If someone with a sharp axe
hack off the boughs of a great oak tree,
and spoils its handsome shape;
although its fruit has failed, yet it can give an account of itself
if it comes later to a winter fire
or if it rests on the pillars of some palace
and does a sad task among foreign walls,
when there is nothing left in the place it came from."

[Pindar, fourth Pythian ode, 264-269; as given in Bernard Williams, Shame and Necessity, 167]

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