Saturday, September 1, 2007

The bevelled eye

Nature "has bevelled the margins of the eylids, that the tears may not overflow on the cheeks." -- Thoreau

"And misconceits raised horrid shows, / And agonies came thereof" -- Hardy

"For me all music which lacks that ability to isolate its listeners from the world in which they live is intrinsically less valuable than that which manages the feat."
-- Glenn Gould

"The fruition of beauty is no chance of miss or hit -- it is as inevitable as life -- it is exact and plumb as gravitation. From the eyesight proceeds another eyesight, and from the hearing proceeds another hearing, and from the voice proceeds another voice, eternally curious of the harmony of things with man... Past and present and future are not disjoin'd but join'd. The greatest poet forms the consistence of what is to be, from what has been, and is. He drags the dead out of their coffins and stands them again on their feet."
-- Whitman in the preface to the 1855 ed. of Leaves of Grass

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