Sunday, September 2, 2007

My job

"My job, as I see it, has never been to lay a tit's egg, but to erupt like a volcano, emitting not only flame, but a lot of rubbish." -- Hugh MacDiarmid

"Poetry is always reviving today from yesterday's revival" -- Randall Jarrell

"Every object whose end is unknown to us is provisionally monstrous." -- Borges

"Just as the excessive desire to be like all the best models is the note of Classical decadence, so the excessive desire to be unlike everything else is the note of Romantic degeneration."

-- Saintsbury, The English Novel

"None of the gods philosophizes." -- Plato, Symposium 204a1

"Does what has always supported us need to be grounded?" -- Gadamer

"The history of memory is not the history of the use of it." -- Gadamer

"One can like something that one's own taste rejects. The verdict of taste is curiously decisive." -- Gadamer

"Horizons change for a person who is moving." -- you guessed it: Gadamer

"A genuine conversation is never the one that we wanted to conduct." -- G.

Currently reading :
Sing, Stranger: A Century of American Yiddish Poetry-A Historical Anthology
By Benjamin Harshav

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unnarrator said...

Taste are perhaps first and foremost distastes. (Gadamer again)