Monday, November 26, 2007

Nothing neo under the sun

Do you really think that there is something "marvellous and difficult" in what you have acheived? Cf. pre-buggy-whip poet Horace's Satries I.10.

Full disclosure: my fave poets include W.S. Graham, J.H. Prynne, Auden, Creeley, Lowell, Koch, O'Hara, Zukofsky, Richard Hugo, Milton, Oppen, Dugan, Pound - and Bunting, whose poems I have just edited and written a book about. This makes me a non-neo, non-quiet mess, I presume.

I read too much, according to my fan mail.

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Mark Scroggins said...

Y'know, even tho I wouldn't sign on with all of those rowers by any means, that's the most endearingly eclectic list of faves I've stumbled across in ages.

Sad thing, being a toiler in the MFA-trenches, is that I find lists like this all the time among my less "au courant" students -- "my favorite poets are Sylvia Plath, Rosmarie Waldrop, Christian Bök, CD Wright" etc. It's only when they get a bit further on & invested in the politics of pobiz that they decide it's no longer opportune or cool to spend their time with one aesthetic or another.