Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don’t you love the dict in there?

"No one word qualifies to be a poem (poetry lies in the relations among words). An eyeball in itself reveals nothing about the quality of human thought or emotion, only at most about its degree (and then only if the pupil shrinks or surges).

A student of sense needs to consult not just the human eye, but its gestural framework—context of brow, and cheek, and mouth. Therefrom will come the uncontainability of human meaning.

Give me two words, I’ll give you War and Peace.


Language is as full of itself as anything: eager to replace, even to displace, the (relative) immediacy of the testimony of the senses . . . the dangerously absorbing immediacy of the senses. Insofar as language is a comfort and a mediation, we grow addicted to the media. (Don’t you love the dict in there?)"

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