Monday, December 24, 2007

Ring in the new...

"... one might imagine the good New growing naturally out of the good Old, without the need for polemic or theory..." - T.S.E.


Reginald Shepherd said...

Dear Don,

This is a great quote, especially given the way that Eliot is still so often maligned as a reactionary straw figure. And, of course, the way that people continually insist on pitting the present against the past, as the present would or could exist without the past.

What piece is this quote from?

Thanks for this great, thought-provoking blog.

peace and poetry,


Don Share said...

It's from Eliot's 1917 essay, "Reflections on 'Vers Libre'" - collected in To Criticize the Critic and Other Writings.

Thank you as always, Reginald - and my best to you, as ever, this holiday season and beyond...