Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our age

And the question of 'exchange' is thereby
also dismantled. The dispute, over how
far the values are trimmed, is strictly a
consequent disturbance, since 'fair price'
is only the extent of our fears in the
chest, of whatever sundry moth & rust
we see in our age. 'Our age' - at it
again, the credible is what we aptly wear
in our timid & tender years. The standard
is a fear index, a measure of what (for ex-
ample) 'natural gas' will do to a pre-
carious economy. Whoever in some sheltered
domain called that vapour 'natural' deserves
to laugh right into the desert. These are the
arid displacements beyond which lies in its state
the third city, or the jewel of the air.

J.H. Prynne, from "Numbers in Time of Trouble," ca. 1968

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