Friday, April 4, 2008

Where I'm coming from...

"How far the avant-gardists' influence may have extended, outside of France and Spain, and the narrow strata of those who explore the extremes of theater and poetry, to equally marginal Southern musicians and bluesmen is difficult to imagine. Perhaps one can compare the rants of Hasil Adkins in some sort of Artaudian context, but the nature of most of these Southern musicians and bluesmen was essentially agrarian. As disenfranchised as they were, however mistreated they became, as much as their tolerances warped once transplanted to the cities, whatever complexities, anxieties, and uncertainties they underwent, they all possessed a thread to an inner peace, an inner clear spot or memory of it; a pastoral numinous beatific oneness that infused the lives of those who lived or had once lived in the country. The poetry they created, however dark or haunted, was always composed as a measure of their inherent connection to universal mysteries, but expressed in compelling everyday barnyard terms and metaphors. Whereas the awareness of Bataille, Genet, and Artaud was self-conscious, erudite, spewing, disassociated, psychoanalytic, subversive - involving a perception of the so-called natural order of things from an inverted, convoluted and irrationally angular view... as Bataille's vision of his syphilitic father's sightless eyes transforming into eggs as he was straining to piss."

Tav Falco, interview with Erik Morse, BOMB (Spring 2008)

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