Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On squashing things together

Michael Gushue commented about an earlier post of mine that it "squashed things together..." I am a bit of a squasher, I admit!

So, here's a bit from Coleridge's notebooks on such a tendency:

"... psychologically my brain fibres, or the spiritual Light which abides in the brain marrow as visible Light appears to do in sundry rotten mackerel & other smashy matters, is of too general an affinity with all things / and tho' it perceives the difference of things, yet is eternally pursuing the likenesses, or rather that which is common / bring me two things that seem the very same, & then I am quick enough to shew the difference, even to hair-splitting - but to go on from circle to circle till I break against the shore of my Hearer's patience, or have my Concentricals dashed to nothing by a Snore - that is my ordinary mishap."

(Coleridge's Notebooks, ii.2372. Dec. 1804)

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