Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some versions of conceptual, cont'd.

GERALD: Can't you see the two things don't mean the same?

MARGERY: Things don't mean things, Gerald, you know you aren't allowed to use that word.

GERALD: Sorry. I mean they don't refer to the same references.

MARGERY: Of course they couldn't have just the same reference, Gerald, or we couldn't tell them apart.

GERALD: Margery, I am crying to you for help, I open my inmost heart to you, and all you do is sit with your head in a cupboard and talk like the Mad Teaparty.

MARGERY: But I told you I agree with you, Gerald. I'm just filling in the time while you're thinking what to say next, getting the quotations in order and what not.

GERALD: (screaming) Fish.

MARGERY: Anyway, you ought to talk like the Mad Teaparty: he was a very intellectual man.

-- William Empson, "Three Stories" (1927)

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