Thursday, July 3, 2008

Habeas corpus: a conceptual poem for the 4th of July!

Six Gallons of Water -
Twelve pounds of Sugar
Half a pound of Ginger
Eighteen Lemons.

Ginger to be sliced - Lemons to be peeled - The Sugar & Water to be boiled together, & the Scum - viz - the Monarchical part must go to Pot - and out of the Pot - Then put in the Ginger with the Peels of the Lemons, and let the whole be boiled together gently for half an hour - When cold, put in the Lemon juice strained &c - then let the Sum total be put in the Barrel with three spoonfuls of Yeast - let it work three Days (Sundays Excepted - ) and then put in a Gallon Barrel - Close up the Barrel - Note bene - you may do it legally the habeas corpus act being suspended - let it remain a fortnight then bottle it. - The Wine not to be used even in warm weather till three Weeks after Bottling - in Winter not till after a month. -

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Oh, and what does gypsum mean to you?

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