Wednesday, July 16, 2008

P.S.s from D.S.s

Among my poet heroes: Delmore Schwartz and David Shapiro. The first D.S. had a ghostly hand and wit that I like to think helped guide me to the ruins of Partisan Review once upon a time - and beyond...

The second D.S. has enchanted me on the page for ages (here's a piece by Ange Mlinko from Poetry about his new and selected poems), and in person as recently as last fall; his e-mails to me are treasures, as they must be for many others. (He's a mean collage-artist, too, by the way.)

The other day I mentioned Kent Johnson's latest... research... on the true account of the "True Account..." And now, thanks to John Latta's great blog, you can catch up on the latest unfoldings (keep checking for late developments!), and also get a sense of David's wild erudition, neither to be missed.

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