Saturday, July 12, 2008

Their vocabulary did this to them

EB: I think almost the last straw here though is the hairdresser, a nice big hearty Maine girl who asks me questions I don't even know the answers to. She told me: 1, that my hair "don't feel like hair at all." 2, I was turning gray practically "under her eyes." And when I'd said yes, I was an orphan, she said, "Kind of awful, ain't it, ploughing through life alone." So now I can't walk downstairs in the morning or upstairs at night without feeling I'm ploughing. There's no place like New England.

RTSL: There's something haunting and nihilistic about your hair-dresser...


The complete correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, edited by Thomas Travisano with Saskia Hamilton, Words in Air, will be published this fall...

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