Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My quiet has a man in it, or "Of being quiet, part IV"

Now that the fuss over William Logan's review of the new selected poems of Frank O'Hara has foamed away, it may be safe to post a link to Herbert Leibowitz's review of the Collected Poems, which appeared in the New York Times of November 28, 1971. FWIW, the "SoQ" was only about six years old at the time, so there!

By the way, in all the hub and bub, hardly anyone noticed that FOH's sister and executor, Maureen Granville-Smith has an official Frank O'Hara website. Check out the slideshow and video clips! And she links to the Crockett Johnson homepage - remember Harold and the Purple Crayon? Was Frank a fan??

More thoughts about O'Hara and the Mad Men thing over on Harriet.

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