Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming soon: Futurism and other devastating phenomena!

Anyone notice that the death of theory and the death of capital have converged? Hey, that's totality for ya. Oh well, now that we're bailed out and the election is nearly upon us, there are still some things to look forward to - for instance... the 100th birthday of the Futurist Manifesto! So that's where it all began!

"Yeats, Marinetti, Pound, Benn.... The conspicuous failure of literary intellectuals to see their times clearly has enforced a regime of irony: intellectuals routinely convey the message that all causes deserve to be lost." - Robert Von Hallberg, Lyric Powers (2008)

Quit wasting time on debates and putting runs on banks; why not help prop up what's left of the economy and do your holiday shopping early this year - stock up on some "rarities of the avant garde." These may set you back a few bucks, but if capital (speaking of lost causes) is going the way of Futurism and the dodo - you'll hardly notice!


mgushuedc said...

I think we can safely put the future behind us now.

the unreliable narrator said...

I've never been so relieved to be so broke!