Saturday, September 27, 2008

What IS the Best American Poetry, Anyway?

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What IS The Best American Poetry, Anyway??


MisteR said...

A wonderful post, but a minor pet peeve of mine own is (as I often remind mine own dissertation adviser, given to the same insignificant solecism): verbs in titles are capitalized, no matter how tiny.

Don Share said...

Thanks, Mister. That there's the title, albeit in translation, of the painting. And while we're at it, I've never understood why you're not supposed to capitalize prepositions in titles, but here in Chicago we go by the Chicago Manual of Style.

yrs. in Upper and lower cases, and in all cases, for that matter,


Em Are said...

oh, sorry, I was referring to the title of Ross's book: the "Is" should be capped.

yrs just in case,

Don Share said...

Right, thanks! (What's up with the multiple personalities?)

Michael Robbins said...

MR = Mr. (Mister) = Em Are.

All Is One!

Yrs on the case,
Lipstick on the Pig

the unreliable narrator said...

(Shhh, let's don't say anything about the em-dashes....)