Monday, October 6, 2008

News that stays news... not so much.

This just in: a guy named "Kashkari" will head the "bailout." Cash-carry?? He will head the new "Office of Financial Stability." Let's all go there and get us some - sure could use it today!

Meanwhile, Am-Po's are just getting over Issue 1, said to be as brilliant a stroke as Duchamp's (R. Mutt's) urinal of, oh, about a hundred years ago. And with Lysenko-like insistence, a chorus of neo-Lamarckian theorists are indicting, as always, what they see as obsolete bourgeois ideology here, there, everywhere. Hokay, but if our thinking about poetry and poetics (let alone economics) is going to remain stuck in modes a century old, you know what that means: 1929 here we come!

With which I (freely) associate these lines from (bourgeois novelist) Philip Roth's new novel, taken from Charles Simic's (!) review in the NYRB:

"Beyond your dormitories, a world is on fire and you are kindled by underwear. Beyond your fraternities, history unfolds daily—warfare, bombings, wholesale slaughter, and you are oblivious of it all. Well, you won't be oblivious for long! You can be as stupid as you like, can even give every sign, as you did here on Friday night, of passionately wanting to be stupid, but history will catch you in the end. Because history is not the background—history is the stage! And you are on the stage! Oh, how sickening is your appalling ignorance of your own times! Most sickening of all is that it is just that ignorance that you are purportedly at Winesburg [College] to expunge. What kind of a time do you think you belong to, anyway? Can you answer? Do you know ? Do you have any idea that you belong to a time at all ?"

As you may have seen in the magazine lately, our Canadian colleagues, e.g., Carmine Starnino and Jason Guriel, have been able to view American Poetry with more acuity than some of our own native-grown reviewers and critics (well, there aren't that many critics). Here's what another northern neighbor, Lemon Hound, asks: "All these poets with google alerts. Is everyone really simply reading and looking for their own reflection?" Fiddle with some Google Alerts (TM) & LaTeX and you'll find the semblance of an answer.

Word for the day: pareidolia.

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mgushuedc said...

Wow. My entire poetic output depends on pariedolia, I realize. That can't be good.