Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psst! Wanna see Emily Dickinson's snood?

Everyone's interest in Emily Dickinson's famous recipe for coconut cake and gingerbread recipe has got me thinking that thanks to my wonderful former colleagues at Harvard's estimable Houghton Library, you can see Emily Dickinson's snood - you don't know what a snood is?? - and many other poignant artifacts of her existence off the page - by clicking here (scroll way down).

Her first book? The Herbarium, of course! To see it, click here.

One does continue to wonder what Emily Dickinson looked like. In addition to the famous daguerreotype, there are things like a silhouette, a painted family portrait (at Harvard), a lock of her hair. But relating to the so-called second daguerreotype, purchased on eBay (tm) by Philip Gura, click here and, regarding forensic evidence about its identification, see also here; at Amherst, they weigh in thusly.  An article about the image appeared in the May 22, 2000 issue of The New Yorker, which you can read here.

Winter is a-coming in; how can Emily's shawl ever have kept her warm??

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