Friday, October 31, 2008

Top this!!!

The recent Hart Crane kerfuffle, which you can read and hear about here and here (and which will continue in the December issue of Poetry with an exchange between William Logan and Marjorie Perloff) can now be supplemented by this amazing factoid: James Tate says that he's read "The Bridge" five hundred times!

Can anybody out there top that? How many times have you read, say, "The Red Wheelbarrow," or, maybe, Paradise Lost?


Bill Knott said...

Then I met Dierdre in the cafeteria, and she said,
"Mr. President, you're doing a great job." "What
did you call me?" I said. "Mr. President," she
said. "How time pisses away," I said. "I can
hear the birdies singing." My eye was on the

. . . Sven evidently's not spent much time in cafeteria lines or he'd know you have to watch out for the Jell-O, not to mention the custard and the crumbcake . . .

no, but seriously, Sven, Sven:——

Birdies, birds, get it? : his (God/President) eye is on the spar-row, mine is on the jell-o

down there in the piss-trough our lunch is displayed along——

michael robbins said...

If we count Ronald Johnson's Radi Os, I have read Paradise Lost twice.