Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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the unreliable narrator said...

Obviously, I'm missing something here. Cough.

Wait—dude isn't whistling BOTH pitches somehow simultaneously, is he? No, cos then you would've tagged it "TUVAN FLARF"...and who *is* dude? Leonard Nimoy's kid brother? Ringo's posh second cousin? Poncy extra from An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge? This doesn't clear up much, sadly.

Au fond, whatever the hell it is, the "Oy!" plus naughty-finger-wag which Whistling Jack gives the camera ca. 1:53? Is enough for me to email it to the Brujo, who's going to be completely enraptured.

peter breslin said...

Enraptured I most certainly am! Why didn't this man launch an entire movement in pop culture? How could he have not been on the bill at Woodstock? This is perhaps the purest distillation of the central myth of essentialism at the core of the Beat Movement that I've ever seen. And where did he win all those medals? Did the RAF have a Whistler's Corps?

This and the proto-flarf below have made the day worth living. Many thanks.


the unreliable narrator said...

—but especially, I discovered yesterday, in the hideous concrete-Soviet-bloc stairwells of my place of work, where I can get a nice echoing reverberation going, and almost imagine that I've fractured into half-a-dozen twirling jaunty paramilitary whistlers. And also, my colleagues think I'm A LOON.

(Then there's the way he raises his left arm at intervals; for no perceptable reason, yet so commandingly!)

I can't help but observe that when Don writes eyepoppingly smart things about, say, Wordsworth, I get all tongue-tied; but on the subject of Whistling Jack Smith seem to have no shortage of spoutable drivel. This obviously says something about me; though not anything I particularly want to know.

Now let's all go here.