Monday, November 10, 2008

Editing yourself out... and in.

That woman by the window - who is she, really? Is she a poet, preparing for the task of taking it all in, to "make room in her heart" without having her heart burst?" Is she going to turn not to poetry, but to the convenient comfort of bonding with her Facebook friends? Does she want to be famous? (Read my new Harriet post, "Editing yourself out... and in.")

Jarrell: the "real graveyard of poets, My Own Style..." (See Derek Walcott's poem on Obama.)

James Wood, on William Gass, in a sentence omitted from the US edition of How Fiction Works: "Gass's words pose as scepticism but in fact simply represent a dandyish flippancy, a refusal to be taught by literature about other people." (Noticed by John Banville in the New York Review of Books.)

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