Friday, December 12, 2008

"Language poetry meets new formalism at last," or: hybrid poetry, redux!

I recently wrote about so-called "hybrid poetry." It's now official - opposites attract! If you're at AWP, check out these epoch-killing sessions:

R155. Multiformalism: Postmodern Poetics of Form. (Susan M. Schultz, Hank Lazer, K. Silem Mohammad, Annie Finch) Language poetry meets new formalism at last, and the poems fly! Editors and contributors to a daring new multicultural, multiaesthetic anthology talk about where poetry is headed now.

F140. The Poets of American Hybrid. (David St. John, Ralph Angel, Alice Fulton, Rae Armantrout, Peter Gizzi) This reading represents the range and diversity of poetry collected in the new Norton anthology American Hybrid, the premise of which is that the day of "poetic schools" is long over and the best of American poetry has been drawing, for many years, from all aspects of poetic endeavor in this country.

S111. Bending Genre. (Margot Singer, Jenny Boully, Michael Martone, Nicole Walker, Lawrence Sutin) Nonfiction capitalizes on the formal structures of poetry and fiction, drawing energy from hybridity. How do the genres inform and influence each other? What does it mean to write against—both in opposition to and in dialogue with—the expectations of genre, the conventions of form? This panel investigates the ways in which genre informs genre, how the lines between genres are at once thickly drawn and blurred.


Jordan said...

The Prius aside, does the word hybrid put anybody else in mind of unseemly topics from eugenics on down?

the unreliable narrator said...

I remember reading a biography of an unnamed Russian poet once, standing up in a library. The jacket copy referred to said poet as "a triangular hybird" [sic]. If, as he used to say, the bird is always a symbol for the bard (in lyric poetry), perhaps new triangular hybards will prevail against the once-tyrannical epoch. Squawk!

Or, as my current teacher says calmly, of the supposed difficulty of making-it-new-already: "If it's hard, it's only hard."

Don Share said...

My very thought, Jordan. Yikes!

Kent Johnson said...

Speaking of Feneon, if I may say so, he having been one hybrid type unlikely to be found at this year's AWP (editor, journalist, art critic, bomb-maker), it so happens one of the poetry world's most learned and luminous bloggers, John Latta, posts today on him and Bolano, with link to Squandermania, and quotes of faits divers, century-old and contemporary:


Don Share said...

Here's an active link to the blogpost Kent mentions:

Click here!