Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not Robyn Schiff's new book

What you see below is actual Harriet comment-box spam (I wouldn't click on those links if I were you)... or should I say flarf... conceptual poetry... memes?

spondylitis, Look 44 carbine mag ruger ,
macrocephalon, Look 9mm carbine ruger ,
maozedong, About browning model bl22 lever action rifle ,
feelingly, look at it 22 caliber llama pistol ,
welshonion, i'm sured that it interestingly grip pistol saiga ,


Jordan said...

Looks more like gibberish from here. Fun gibberish, but all the same, not very flarfy (that is, it's fragmentary, as opposed to what gets called overdetermined -- the non sequiturs here diffuse affect whereas flarf generally requires a surplus of affect, especially moods or modes that have been screened out of contemporary poetry).

Re: Schiff, that Lustron poem is spectacular.

Lemon Hound said...

Um, what's up with people misreading flarf? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Flarf and seriously in the same paragraph? Seriously, isn't misreading it part of the point?

Don Share said...

Fair enough, Jordan. I think I like this gibberish better than flarf, then. The juxtapositions of Maozedung and the Browning model rifle... feelings and the llama pistol... are resonant enough for me, whatever they're called. Moreso than any number of poems I see here and there, oddly.

Jordan said...

Hi, Anonymous.

The point? No. A happy side effect, possibly.

Lemon Hound said...

Anonymous, you might check out the few posts on Lemon Hound of late.

Anonymous said...

About flarf, via Lemon Hound:

Flarf represents a poetic deeply invested in affect. At its best, the work associated with Flarf produces complex matrices of voices (human or not) enveloped not in socially and syntactically accepted structures of meaning (though often flirting with social logics of different types) but in shifting and exaggerated versions of those structures evoking the more something than something that Baudrillard proposes in Fatal Strategies:

What might also make us wonder is this going beyond the social, the irruption of the more social than social – the mass; this is a social that has absorbed all the inverse energies of the antisocial, of inertia, resistance and silence. Here the logic of the social reaches its limit – the point where it inverts its finalities and reaches its point of inertia and extermination, but at the same time approaches ecstasy. Masses are the ecstasy of the social, the ecstatic form of the social, the mirror where it is reflected in all its immanence. (p. 29)

Michael Robbins said...

I'm sorry, but flarf is a fart in the wind. Hasn't produced a single interesting poem, nor will it. It's stupid. It's boring. It's garbage. I'm sure that it interestingly grip pistol saiga, but that's about it.

Lemon Hound said...

Gee, Michael, thanks for clearing that up!

Michael Robbins said...

Well, you're hardly obliged to agree. Is it your position that one should not express one's judgments, or only that one should preface them with niceties & throat-clearings?

Ryan said...

No one "misreads" flarf...they learn from it and move on (?)

Michael, you are entitled to your O.

What moves you?