Saturday, December 20, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

OK, nobody needs another year-end list, and Chris and I have already weighed in with book picks at Poetry Off the Shelf and on Harriet - but consider this my thank you note for the books and blogs that kept me challenged, informed, amused, disturbed, and engaged this past year... including, but not limited to these:

Books (and poets)

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (tr. Paul Muldoon), The Fifty Minute Mermaid
George Oppen, New Collected Poems
George Oppen, Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers
Jack Spicer, My Vocabulary Did This To Me
Janet Frame, Storms Will Tell
Roberto Bolaño, The Romantic Dogs
Kent Johnson, Homage to the Last Avant-Garde
Peter Ramos, Please Do Not Feed the Ghost
John Ashbery, Collected Poems, Volume 1
Pierre Martory (tr. John Ashbery), The Landscapist
Pierre Jean Jouve (tr. David Gascoyne), Despair Has Wings
James Agee, Selected Poems
Rae Armantout, Versed
Frank Stanford, You and The Singing Knives (reissued by Lost Roads Press)
Elizabeth Bishop: Poems, Prose and Letters (Library of America)
Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell
Angela Leighton, On Form
A. David Moody, Ezra Pound: Poet, Volume 1
Austin Clarke, Collected Poems
Jackson Mac Low, Thing of Beauty
Devin Johnston, Sources
Bern Porter on UBUWEB
Peter Nicolls, George Oppen and the Fate of Modernism
Thomas F. Bonnell, The Most Disreputable Trade
Poems for the Millennium, volume 3: The University of California Book of Romantic and Postromantic Poetry, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Jeffrey C. Robinson
Robert Von Hallberg, Lyric Powers
Everything by Ange Mlinko
all the books produced online by Bill Knott


Pantaloons - Jack is the bee's knees!
Vowel Movers - Funny stuff, and a good fill-in for the Poetry Snark.
not poetry blog
Best American Poetry
Al Filreis
Poetry Hut - Jilly is indefatigable!
The Suburban Ecstasies - I admire Seth a lot: a fine poet, former public defender, and tabulator of MFA-related statistics.
Digital Emuction - Life beyond poetry: Bobby's blog repeatedly allows him to say, "I told you so!"
Culture Industry - Mark Scroggins gets a bit cranky and bummed out, for which I love him
Lemon Hound - Even though it freezes my browser.
Samizdat - Bob Archambeau is the only sane person in the poetry blogosphere!
Isola di Rifiuti - John Latta is one of the few blogopoets who has evolved an actual - and inimitable - style for his essential musings.
VRZHU Bullets of Love - The most good-hearted, good-humored poetry blog I know of...
Baroque in Hackney - ... except for maybe this one: I adore Katy Evans-Bush!
dbqp: visualizing poetics - It was a privilege to work with Geof Huth this year.
The Unreliable Narrator - “bringing you all the news that’s fit to mistrust”
Poetry & Popular Culture
Wood s Lot - Eclectic!
Letras Latinas
-&- dare I mention Faits Divers de la Poesie Americaine et Britannique?

NEW ADDITION & ADDENDUM: The singles of the year countdown at jane dark's sugarhigh - I wish Joshua Clover would write more often about music - and no, this doesn't mean I wish he would write less about "politicking," whatever that may be. Just more about music. (Hi, visitors!) That said, his upcoming anti-manifesto got me reaching for my old Baader Meinhof CD & wondering why he hasn't commented yet on Luke Haines's new book.

What's in and out? Click here to find out!

Finally, in the poetry-publishing-concept-of-the-year category: Andrew Lundwall's inventive and eclectic Scantily Clad Press, (self-interest alert).

To all the poets, proprietors, editors, and publishers above - and to all the readers and comment-leavers here: thank you!


mgushuedc said...

Don: Thank you. I'm blushing. And I agree about everybody else! What a great time it's been!

Bobby said...

I second that emotion. Thanks for the shout-out Don, and for Squandermania as well...

Lemon Hound said...

Ditto on the thanks. Sorry about all the freezing and links embedded in unwanted's like my blog has hit puberty and taken on a life of its own.

Happy Holidays,

Ms. Hound

Stacey said...

Thanks for mentioning The Best American Poetry blog, Don. You're the best! Happy holidays to you and yours.
Stacey Harwood

Ms Baroque said...

Yeah - I'm blushing too. And hey, it's already Christmas here! I hope you and yours have a VERY MERRY one, Don - you have brightened my year too. xxx

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link and hope your 2009 is swell.

the unreliable narrator said...

Aw shucks also! Swellness upon thee and thine household.