Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still stuck? Another installment of OK, it's not flarf, but...

Even if you're not a Stuckist, try these. Let the Zeitgeist be your muse!

Status Update: This site crawls through Facebook, steals people’s status lines, and attributes them to famous writers. (Examples: Trumbull Stickney could throw up his hands, but perhaps she'll pour a glass of wine instead, and make some dinner. Nikos Kavvadias is reading reading reading. Mary Shelley heard that joy is the aim, a joy. John Masefield just learned that leaving a wet bathing suit in a plastic bag for a week makes it smell like shin pads. Tristan Corbière is listening to some final mixes... EEEEEE!!!!!!! Witter Bynner has no internet... if u want me .... call me!!!! Mark Akenside is relieved, pleased about some things, and hopeful, but waiting to see.)

Apostrophe Engine: This site features the full text of a poem called “apostrophe,” written by Bill Kennedy in 1993. In this version of the poem, each line is a hyperlink. Just click on any line... then wait for the Apostrophe Engine to generate a new poem for you!

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