Monday, February 23, 2009

Words in Futurist, Olfactory, Tactile, Thermal Freedom

Exhibit A: "It is known as The Tin Book and was co-authored by a fascist-sympathising Italian artist who, 100 years ago today, said all libraries should be destroyed. With wonderful irony, the British Library announced yesterday that it had bought an edition of the book, an artefact that is at once rare, unusual and significant. The library has spent £83,000 on this pivotal work in the development of the Italian Futurist art movement. Entitled Parole in Libertá Futuriste Olfattive Tattili Termiche (Words in Futurist, Olfactory, Tactile, Thermal Freedom), it may not have the snappiest of titles, but the 27-page metal book is a thing of considerable beauty and exemplifies the mad dynamism and energy of the Futurists. Stephen Bury, the head of the library's European and American collections, said the acquisition was important for the institution's collection of about 10,000 avant-garde printed materials. 'We now have the three most important Italian Futurist books and they can now be studied together. You wouldn't get them together anywhere else.' The book has poems by the artist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and visual interpretations of them by his Futurist friend, Tullio D'Albisola." (Full article here.)

Exhibit B: Back to the Future-ism in Poetry magazine.

Exhibit C: Charles Bernstein demolishes the whole thing!

Exhibit D: Dinner plans for after the show? Consult F.T. Marinetti's The Futurist Cookbook. Suggested menu:

Antipasto intuitivo (Intuitive appetizers)
Brodo Solare (Solar Consommé)
Carne Plastica (Model Meat) - may require Marination, ha!
Ortocubo (Cubist Garden)
Mammelle italiane al sole (Italian breasts in the sun)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but one can think of NO gesture more richly suggestive of our Language/Post-Language "avant-garde" moment than this: Charles Bernstein declaiming Marinetti's manifesto in the MoMA, while *carefully* wielding a hammer...