Monday, March 30, 2009

La meme chose

[40 years later, they're still pitting Creeley vs. Lowell!]

"Pound is the leader, at the very forefront. Yet because of that, paradoxically he is at the center too: so much - one is inclined to say everything - comes from him. We at the center have a difficult time, often enough; always defining and redefining our position, entering correctives to the debonair pronouncements of the extremes. Not rationalism, we say somewhat acidly, but let us at least be reasonable; not positivism, but not enigma either; and in the matter of fashion, yes, we are friends with Robert Lowell, but we are friends with Robert Creeley too. It is a difficult work. But we take comfort from knowing that Pound is one of us, a man of the center, and that the love of proportion and justice requires, not a baser passion, as some assert, but on the contrary, as in his writing, the strongest and purest passion of all."

-- Hayden Carruth, "On a Picture of Ezra Pound," Poetry, May 1967


E. M. Selinger said...

I wrote a chapter on the two of them together (Creeley and Lowell) in my book about American love poetry. Does that make me part of the pack, or an outrider, Don?

Don Share said...

I don't believe in them there categories, Eric, so I don't know... and I haven't read yr. book yet, which I now must and shall!!

Yrs., Don

Henry Gould said...

Some writings on this concept of "center" & proportion here :

& various other posts at the Plumbline School.