Thursday, March 5, 2009

Noun pile heds

Is this yet another new poetry art form? The Language Log notices great noun strings in UK news reporting such as "Blast Kelly" (a girl named Kelly involved in an explosion), "George row doc" (a brain surgeon who tried to get the dying George Harrison to sign a guitar), and "Kid porn shame councillor." A bit of searching in the "journalistic Britosphere" will turn up dozens of things like "Man guilty of Potter actor murder", "Pedestrian death driver jailed", "Canada bus beheading verdict due", "Student fling teacher dodges jail", "Dancing black hole twins spotted," and so on. Here are some of my faves:

Dentist fear girl
Texting death crash peer jailed
Safari death crash Britons
Family death crash father
Death blast girl
Radioactive teacher
Fling teacher
Black hole twins
Pregnant frying pan attack teen surrenders
Excrement curry wife admonished

1 comment:

Don Share said...


Deacon Robot, meet Amiri Baraka.
Caber toss coda for barracuda guy
And his barmaid karma Catcher in the Rye.
My calorie high was armband charisma,
Barmy samba and a gauche car-door armor.
Most mystery is a Samarkand caramba.
But you, my accoster, my costar,
Tell me what in the crystal listserv we deliver?
A starry tarpaulin of storm costs?
A creche of the lost art?

- Jordan Davis, from his 1997 Barque Press chapbook Upstairs