Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Poetry was never meant to be quiet"

OK, pop quiz!

Who said "Poetry was never meant to be quiet"?

A. Ron Silliman
B. W.W. Norton & Co.
C. Robert Pinsky
D. This is a trick question!
E. No, it isn't!!
F. All of the above
G. None of the above

(Click on the pic for the answer.)


the unreliable narrator said...

Most unflattering sketch EVER!

J.H. Stotts said...

c. saw him sunday in boston. we're kinda neighbors.
was poetry meant to be loud? a-loud sounds like quiet to me. his main argument about craft is voice, vocal, oral, the living poem.

Don Share said...

I guess there's quiet and there's... "quiet!"

mgushuedc said...

I've suspected there's a connecting thread from Westron Wynde through Edward Thomas's Rain (one of the greatest first lines in poetry) and Pinsky's Jersey Rain.

Saw R.P. give a lecture at St. John's College in Annapolis on Dante when he published his translation of The Inferno. He was charming, and in the Q&A session he demurred answering any philosophy-tinged questions. He also had a really mischievous look when asked about Ted Hughes' translation of Ovid. Did the person asking the question really want to know what he thought? Yes. Answer: boring.

Everything that sings must converge.

Rebekah Presson Mosby said...

I was going to guess Whitman. Do we know Pinsky wrote this? I ask because I saw him read & had dinner with him a couple weeks ago and he made a point of saying he cared more about poetry on the page than poetry read. Clearly, I'm not in that camp, but that's what he said!

Don Share said...

We know that W.W. Norton wrote this, but that's giving away the answer. Oh, well, I'll come up with a more difficult quiz next time!

Chien Bâtard said...

Hm. Well, okay, you got me.


Is it the dog in me that likes being reprimanded?

Robert Pinsky said...

What Ms. Presson Mosby says above is not true-- perhaps she misunderstood, or confused me with someone else?

Robert Pinsky