Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nostalgia and its discontents: party like it's 1962!

Ron misses Henry Rago. (Who doesn't!) Poetry, he says, hasn't gotten past 1962 (though his own "20 poetry books meme" list is redolent of that very epoch). Whence all this nostalgia? There's a kind of "Grand Piano" syndrome thing going on. Make it new, already!

If you're weary at last of that old world, why not check out some actual avant-garde poetry - click on the picture! (Being, in Ron's comparison, a Sarah Palin to Rago's Obama... I can see Russia from my window!)

Or... party like it's 1909!


Matt said...

Remember that the meme was about books that first got you interested. Ron got interested in the 60s, so that's why his list has people from that time. It wouldn't make sense for him to list a book that just came out, since he's already been into poetry for years.

Don Share said...

I'm just saying that he's dating himself. But you are surely right.