Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is rubble the terminal sleep?

Coming up in Poetry...

A portfolio of flarf and conceptual poetry curated by Kenny Goldsmith with comix by Gary Sullivan.

Poems by Rae Armantrout, John Koethe, Kevin Young, Katia Kapovich, Donald Revell, Sandra Beasley, Dan Beachy-Quick, Sandra McPherson & Tim Dlugos.

Prose galore
, including Daisy Fried on John Milton and breastfeeding; Donald Revell remembering Robert Creeley; Ange Mlinko notebook; Michael Hofmann on Frederick Seidel; and a "View From Here" by Ashbery/Hejinian-reading baseball player Fernando Perez. And: William T. Vollmann!


Michael Robbins said...

Hmm. Does flarf really need a special issue of Poetry? I suppose we know how avant-garde they are now. Will you be angry if I skip this issue?

Don Share said...

It isn't getting one. To be clear, this will be a portfolio, like the vispo one, curated by Kenny, of flarf and conceptual poetry - a special section, not a whole issue.

I won't be angry if you skip that issue, but it might be the one your upcoming review turns up in!!

Michael Robbins said...

Ah, I see. This makes more sense.

It would serve me right if my review appeared with flarf portfolio!

Michael Robbins said...

Déja lu!

Don Share said...

Actually, this is updated.