Saturday, March 7, 2009

Twa Corbies

Time has run out, sadly, if you missed "A Strong Song Tows Us - Another History of English Poetry."

"Lee Hall, writer of Billy Elliot and The Pitmen Painters, uncovers a hidden history of English poetry. Stretching back to the Dark Ages and emerging in 1960s Newcastle, Lee reveals an alternative tradition of English poetry as the preserve of ordinary working people. Sunderland cork cutters, shipyard workers and pit men encounter Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg and Ezra Pound. And how a meeting between a 16-year-old schoolboy [Tom Pickard] and one of the great modernists of English literature, Basil Bunting, contributed to the flowering of the north east as an international destination for the whole Beatnik generation."

For those who've been asking, yes, my critical edition of Bunting's poems is in Faber and Faber's new 2010 catalogue.... but then it was also in last year's. Another proposed volume, Bunting's Persia, is hung up in a permission hassle... There's always something, when it comes to publishing Basil's work!

Pictured: The Twa Corbies

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