Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bumf Box deposits

Per my previous post, I shall now expound extemporaneously upon the following non-poetry-related subjects, having disqualified two suggestions for reasons explained in my reply to comments left on said post. Herewith:

1) Cats.

Someone who is now a well-known poet placed a cat in my reluctant arms back in 1993 and said something like, "Here's your new cat." The poet moved far away and I neither saw nor heard from her again until something like last year. I'd always hated and despised cats, for they are severe and judgmental and yet never speak up. The cat (I never named her) though hoary-looking, as am I, still thrives - despite my raising her as if she were a dog, which speaks volumes, albeit not ones I should wish to compose myself. After 16 years of cat poop and several wilfully ill-timed antics (e.g., emerging gleefully from under my bed with a bra between her teeth during a warmish conversation with a woman to whom said garment did not belong), I believe I have reconciled myself at last to feline ways. Quite possibly the cat has come to accept my own. Despite my continuing reluctance to have things in my house that do not speak, there is a peace between us. And something rather redolent.

2) Memphis.

I grew up there. And then I left. Sensual and descriptive details can be found in my doomed Zoo Press book, Union (which Publishers Weekly called "the promising next stage in so-called Southern narrative poetry," a stage I abandoned instantly.) Anyhow, I almost played bass guitar in The Scruffs - but being a guitar player my pride prevented this from working out, and so I failed to become so much as a footnote in the history of Memphis music.

3) Best/favorite new (to you) novel you've read this or last year.

Is it May already? I'll confess that I have not read a novel yet this year. I did read this, however.

4) Best new (to you) piece of music you've heard this month/week.

Um... The Blossom Toes live album?

5) Bono's "Elvis" "poem."

Haven't read it. Never will.

3) Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto

I haven't seen the new movie yet, and must assume that this Zachary person is the "new" Spock. All I can say is that Leonard Nimoy is the Leonard Cohen of sci-fi TV, and would be hard to beat - yet at the same time, I'm always up for what F.R. Leavis used to call "revaluation."

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel slightly refreshed. Thanx and a tip o' the hat to one and all.


Steve said...

I didn't think anyone else cared about the Blossom Toes! What's next, "Flowers in the Rain" by the Move? Maybe that's too commercial... Were you a TV Personalities fan as well?

Don Share said...

Steve, I've been a Move fan since I was a teenager! All the Move albums, as well as a box set of rarities, have just been reissued on CD by Salvo in the UK!

The TV Personalities I liked during a dry spell, but it's freakbeat for me (when I'm not wobbling around to Sidney Bechet a la Larkin)!!

the unreliable narrator said...

Well I for one feel both gratified and refreshed. And the bra-from-under-the-bed one is a cattail I shall cherish for years to come.

Hey, I read that article too; but that don't count!

Uncannily, last night I dreampt about Leonard Cohen. He'd had a falcon for a pet/companion, and it had died, and he'd had it stuffed, out of his deep love for it. But now, for whatever reason, he felt ready to say goodbye. So he came up to my campfire and laid the stuffed bird carefully amidst the coals. And as its grayed plumage turned to smoke Leonard wept, tears coursing freely and manfully down his lean and saturnine cheeks in the firelight.

And then I could contain myself no longer but burst out, nearly in tears myself: "Mr. Cohen, I just have to tell you that I love Bulworth! That film has meant so much to me over the years and I use it every time I teach rhetoric." Whereupon he, as might be expected, looked up at me, tear-stained and uncomprehending, and then moved tactfully away.

It's a really good thing that you didn't read the Bono "Elvis" "poem." It made blood squirt out of my eyes. But apparently did not have the same effect on Bono. Whose name is somehow understood to be in quotation marks.