Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bumf Box

OK, as Henry kindly suggested in a comment to a dour post of mine the other day, I apparently need a break from digging up and oh-so-cleverly juxtaposing the stuff you find here; someone even just called me a high-falutin' egghead! (Shouldn't that be... high-faluting?) Cat-pisss and porcupines, as Pound once said!

To address this, in any case, I'm introducing what I'll call the Bumf Box. You suggest a topic, and I'll merrily bloviate upon it. I mean, it's either that or talk about Carrie Prejean... and I don't even know who that is!



Henry Gould said...

You dig a good foxhole, Don. Nobody digs up more interesting memorabilia, from hither & yon (except maybe John Latta. or including John Latta).

Do you have one of those Confederate attics? Someplace in the hills beyond Hitheryon, TN?

the unreliable narrator said...

Oooh oooh oooh! Really?? In which case please bloviate on any or none of the following:

1) Cats;
2) Memphis;
3) Best/favorite new (to you) novel you've read this or last year;
4) Best new (to you) piece of music you've heard this month/week;
5) Bono's "Elvis" "poem."

Non-intellectual topics (maybe), but it's the end of the semester and my brain has left the building.

Michael Robbins said...

First of all, what is that sign meant to actually signify? Bumf Box, indeed.

You asked for it:

1) The Collected Works of Jack Conway
2) M-theory
3) Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto

I just remembered that I had a dream last night in which I was embarrassed to discover that "flarf" was an actual word preexisting my favorite poetry movement.

Don Share said...

Thank you, Henry! And you're very perceptive, 'cos though I don't have an attic in Hitheryon, I do have a shed in Memphis.

Un- and MR: I'll take up your suggestions except for Michael's no. 1 (for obvious reasons), and no. 2 (because as is commonly known, I disbelieve in string theory, string cheese, and stringing people along.)

Oh, and was a woman carrying a load of wood in your dream, by any chance?

Matt said...

actually, highfalutin (no apostrophe or hyphen needed)

i like that nimoy and quinto are equally unusual names. this bodes well.

Don Share said...

Matt is correct re highfalutin: good catch.

And that's an excellent point about the well-boding of names!

Thank you for both points.