Friday, May 29, 2009

Found poem based on name of famous poet; and EP the socialist (scroll down)!

Razed Upon
Azure Pond
Raze Pound
A Proud Zen
Razed On Up
Razed No Up
Daze Nor Up
Daze Pun Or
And Zero Up
Road Zen Up
Raze Don Up
Raze Nod Up
Raze Do Pun
Ran Doze Up
Oar Zed Pun
Pa Doze Urn
Pa Doze Run
Pa Dour Zen
Rap Doze Nu
Rap Duo Zen
Zap End Our
Zap Nude Or
Zap Dune Or
Zap Doe Urn
Zap Doe Run
Zap Ode Urn
Zap Ode Run
Zap Redo Nu
Zap Rude On
Zap Rude No
Zap Rued On
Zap Rued No
Zap Don Rue
Zap Nod Rue
Zap Undo Re
Zap Do Rune
A Zed Nor Up
A Zed Pun Or
A Zed Urn Op
A Zed Run Op
A Rod Zen Up
Ad Zen Or Up
Zap Do Re Nu

Pound, the product of this new world, longed for the older one, and wrote as if he were in it, becoming shriller and shriller as time went by. (I wish I could remember the name of the critic who wrote that Pound "overestimated the relevance" of his kind of literary knowledge to the political crises of his time — this critic, whoever he is, is the perfect product of our world, where knowledge is rigidly categorized). Anyway: in this instance Pound's education isn't so much an influence on him as it is a symptom of a cultural condition he didn't fully recognize, and would never fully accept. And for all the talk of poetry and politics now, and of speaking truth to power, I think by and large most poets have, at some level, accepted. I mean, I can't imagine John Ashbery or Ted Kooser or Jorie Graham actually expecting that the world of power would take their ideas on social policy seriously. It'd be delusional if they did. And would we really want them to operate as if they did expect this? It could drive them as crazy as it drove Pound, and I don't think we want to see any of them locked away in St. Elizabeth's. -- Robert Archambeau, Samizdat blog

When we lived we overestimated our forebears, and now our posterity esteems us more than our due, and quite rightly. I think the world would be very tedious if one saw it with perfect precision, for it is always the same. -- E.P. on overestimation.

Hey, bet you didn't know that Pound actually had leftist leanings and even believed in guild socialism! It's all there in "The Seafarer." Click here for details.

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