Sunday, May 17, 2009

Janet is on the Planet

Devoted readers of this blog (assuming there are any, that is) will know of my intense admiration of Janet Frame; I blogged about her here and here.

I've now discovered that her literary estate has done a most clever and useful thing: they've got a blog going about her: Janet on the Planet. Would that all literary estates kept blogs for their writers.

Here's some posthumously published prose from Frame's novel, Towards Last Summer:

"In the centre of the attic, piled high, were months and years of literary weeklies and other magazines already brown at the edges, with brown stains on the covers as if Damp (here they talk of him with dread: Damp has got into the house) had come to life and leaned his wet hand upon the paper.

- Now I know where literary weeklies go, Grace thought, with the interest of someone who has solved the problem of flies in winter, pins from a packet, and other such mysteries. A bookshelf near the magazines held Anne's Training College and University books and miscellaneous books belonging to Philip. In this house books had no boundaries; they over flowed, flooded; you had to stand on the roof waving for help, thinking regretfully of your best cherished furniture already ruined by the rising, seeping ideas . . ."

For more, click on my Harriet post about fiction and poetry writers.


brian (baj) salchert said...

Would that; and/or that if those writers had blogs, those blogs were kept active or at least available.

Michael Robbins said...

Yes, I'm in yr debt for introducing me to Storms Will Tell.

Saw Entre les Murs last night (released here for some reason as The Class). Make sure you see it if you haven't. (Oh, & speaking of classes, Nicholas Ray was cinema, & here is why the internets needed to be invented:

Ben Ide said...

How does one go about getting a literary estate?

Don Share said...

One leaves behind a body of literary work, I'm guessing!