Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sonnet based on first lines by Fulke Greville

Was ever man so overmatch'd with boy,
What is the cause, why states, that war and win,
What mean these mortal children of mine own,
When all this All doth pass from age to age,
When as man's life, the light of human lust,
When gentle beauty's over-wanton kindness,
While that my heart an altar I did make,
Who grace, for zenith had, from whom no shadows grow,
Who trusts for trust, or hopes of love for love,
Who worships Cupid, doth adore a boy,
Whoever sails near to Bermuda coast,
Why how now Cupid, do you covet change,
Why how now reason, how are you amazed,
Wrapp'd up, O Lord, in man's degeneration.

OK, that was silly. But check out the recently reissued
Selected Poems of Fulke Greville,
edited and with an introduction by Thom Gunn

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Ms Baroque said...

Great picture! Sweet patchwork of a poem, and excellent news: I've long loved Fulke Greville's poems. (And had a soft spot for Thom Gunn too.)