Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poets talk...

Just back from the 40th annual Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, where I was lucky to have interviewed Dunya Mikhail and Vera Pavlova for the Poets Talk series; audio to be available, I hope, soon! And I'll blog about the Festival shortly over on Harriet when I get over the jet lag. Meanwhile, thanks to my extremely generous hosts who put on a superb festival this anniversary year! Click on the pic for festival info.


J.H. Stotts said...

rotterdam was the place that it first became evident to a handful of people that boris ryzhii would be an international star (bolano-big).
and yet, there's still hasn't been any major translation for russia's most important contemporary poet, the new dutch documentary withstanding.

Michael Robbins said...

Welcome back
To that same old place that you
Laughed about.