Sunday, July 19, 2009

The audience that never shows up

In an insipid poetry/literature scene, including one saturated with publicity, an inability to muster enough historical awareness, informed critique, ruthless honesty and close, complete reading means that we turn our hopes outward, in a wish for love and affirmation from an imaginary audience that never shows up. -- Vivek Narayanan (click here for full essay)

Men do mightily wrong themselves when they refuse to be present in all ages: and neglect to see the beauty of all kingdoms, and despise the resentments of every soul... - Thomas Traherne (taken out of context)

There's a new movement born every minute, say Paul Hoover & Maxine Chernoff...

Calling Dr. W.C. Williams... (your Orgasmic Toast is ready)

Pictured: The Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven; click on link above or the photo to read her poems!

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Anonymous said...

Vivek Narayanan is a fine poet and a superb thinker about poetry. And a good person, too. The magazine he helps edit, Almost Island, out of New Delhi, is terrific. If you go there, you'll find in the current issue his astonishing suite of poems, "Mr. Subramanian."