Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Difference of lunacy

'Tis true that all here below is but diversified folly, and that the little things we laugh at children for, we do but act ourselves in great; yet is there difference of lunacy; and, of the two, I had much rather be made with him that (when he had nothing) thought all the ships that came into the haven his, than with you who (when you have so much coming in) think you have nothing. -- Sir John Suckling


J.H. Stotts said...

i thought lunacy was when you couldn't sleep at night, and affected werewolves, the guilty, the insomnolent (the werewolves being sir suckling's preference, and an insomniac obviously the one he was addressing).

J.H. Stotts said...

or a dream-ambulance