Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rhyme For Your Life/For Whom The Bell Tolls

ARTHUR: Episode Number: 608:

While struggling to write a poem for his mom, Binky falls asleep and gets trapped in Verseberg... where it's a crime not to rhyme [Get it? Heh.]! After tangling with the big purple orange and meeting poet William Carlos Williams, Binky finally escapes this curse - but will he be able to stop speaking in verse?? D.W. lost her voice! For Arthur it's a dream come true... until Mom asks Arthur to take care of D.W., and he finds himself at the mercy of a bad mime with a cowbell. Will Arthur spend the rest of his life at D.W.'s beck and call, endlessly fetching ginger ale and playing Crazy-eights?

See WCW in prison, screaming, "FREE VERSE! FREE VERSE!!"

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