Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are fooled by nearly random processes that look random

A child said: what is poetry, running towards me with empty arms. How could I answer the child, since I am the child, the kaleidoscope the farms. Is it two women near an ocean and they erase the world? The anti-aesthetic and its aniconoclasm is the puritanism of fools. These critics who wanted to be umpires forgot: Art is not a game These philosophers who proscribed so much and finally proscribed themselves . -- David Shapiro, Facebook status update

The only productive design is designed waste. Designed creation results in nothing but the destruction of the designer; it is impossible to add to what is; all is and is made. Energy that attempts to make in the sense of making a numerical increase in the sum of made things is spitefully returned to itself unused. It is a would-be-happy-ness ending in unanticipated and disordered unhappiness. Energy that is aware of the impossibility of positive construction devotes itself to an order using-up and waste of itself: to an anticipated unhappiness which, because it has design, foreknowledge, is the nearest approach to happiness. Undesigned unhappiness and designed happiness both mean anarchism. Anarchism is not enough. -- Laura Riding, on flarf

The latest research on the so-called random may have some impact on aleatory poetic techniques; even coin tosses, it turns out, are not random:

The true laws of coin tosses show yet again the inadequacy of our intuition (as well as the flawed metaphors favored by economists). We are indeed fooled by randomness. But we are also fooled by nearly random processes that look random, even if they aren't, because the differences are too subtle for us to notice.

"moot court, be mute.
Some split, some lump, and you know what kind I am.
art show to come: enemies placed next to each other.

My enemy is dead, a man divine as myself is dead.

A true scientist is filled with thoughts about possible errors.
Think of say three powerful critics wondering whether their arguments and
choices are right.
The sky would...rise.
One doesn't step into the same argument twice.
Imagine the small library from which books of blind dogma are deleted.
There's the reason we all deserve defense attorneys.
Job';s Cry: I demand a defense attorney!
His wife: What a specious nonargument, your defense
attorney will look exactly like your prosecutor! Curse law and die. Were you there when they laid the foundation of all
argument, marriage, and working dogmas! Splitter!
Now you get the lump you deserve, you...fragment!"

-- David Shapiro, private/public communication to the author

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