Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boot Fail

Click here for your own poster of the Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart - and see whether viral marketing for books is really worth it.


Morris Rosenthal said...


Not sure if you're trying to be funny, but the poster is "Boot Failure" - the book has been quite a success, though no thanks to viral promotion, which was the point of my blog post on the subject.


Don Share said...

Sorry Morris. We've been talking here about the vanishing of print and books. My apologies: context returned.



Seth Abramson said...

My head just exploded.

I'm currently having a problem with video playback on my desktop computer (I seriously am) so I tried to follow the flow-chart to figure out the problem.

That was when it happened. My head, I mean.

Be well,