Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet Carl Sandburg!


Jordan said...

Sandburg descending a staircase!

Kent Johnson said...

Does anyone have any info on the following?

I was in Chicago with my son Brooks over the weekend, and he showed me something rather spectacular: The FULL collection (minus the cancelled "Butcher" album) of mostly mint-condition, original Beatles albums, including the one pictured above, and every other one. His upstairs neighbor, a really sweet woman he partly looks after, just gave him the set, as a gift, a couple weeks back.

My question (though he would never sell them, I'm just curious) is how much would an entire set of albums from the Beatles be worth? A full collection is a pretty unusual thing, isn't it?


Don Share said...

UK or USA pressings? UK pressings, especially early ones (as identified by matrix numbers) in mint condition, can be quite valuable. US Capitol pressings far less so - they are very common. In addition, mono pressings of Revolver, MMT, and Sgt. Pepper from both countries are worth more than their stereo counterparts if in mint condition.

Michael Robbins said...

Meet the Beatles! is not being reissued, thankfully, but you gotta love that cover.

I just picked up the reissues of Please Please Me, With the Beatles, Beatles for Sale, Revolver, & The Beatles (I have bootleg remasters of some of the others that sound perfect). My favorite part about them is the reproduction of the Emitex record cleaner ad on the back of the jacket.

Looks like the Feelies picked the worst week to reissue Crazy Rhythms & The Good Earth, which deserve more attention.

Don Share said...

Right you are, MR! I still love MtB, I admit. Good thing the Big Star box set and Chris Bell double-disc comp are coming out after this week so they don't get ignored altogether!

Hey, did you spring for a Mono Box???

Desmond Swords said...

Enough for a week long drugs and hookers bender in most cities in the west, or a good few months in Cuba for the last blow out, where we can go when we get the bad news of having only a short time left in which to blather our way back to a spiritual mass of love and peace, moving our corporeal container toward the day of returning.

You could probably get at least 20 people iced in SE Asia for the fee a full set will deliver.

I have seven, every song they ever sung: 12 miles down the road from where i was born and reared. Lennon and McArtney, Harrrison and Starr, locals - you know, the always Liverpool New Thing School, imitated on the shores of Lake Michigan, by the similacrum lot who ape US, a fab scouse sound whose accent is the mark of one's authenticity, KJ D, kevin j desmond.

Gizza job?

It's OK, any scouser of a certaqin age will inform you that isthe ctachphrase of Yosser Hughes, a fictional character Liverpool playwright Alan Bleasdale created: a guy who came to fame with Blood Brothers.

Hughes was the symbol of the losers in Thatcher's Brtain, cast on the scrapheap, unable to work because there was none. He went insane, jumped in Sefton park lake in a surreal scene. Everyone in Britian watched it, social commentary in the golden age of drama with a conscience. Now it's all po-biz and how much for the lads who changed the world with a culture all share.

I have a poem about the Beatles, which is worth afew quid, i reckon, going by the competition.

Michael Robbins said...

I considered the mono box, but decided not to reward EMI's bottom-feeding refusal to release the monos individually (or just to put them & the stereo versions on the same CD, as Capitol did with Pet Sounds). Their contempt for the music, as for the fans, is just too transparent. As yr man Hitchcock sez, I hope they burn in hell.

For Beatles poems you can't beat Muldoon's section in "Sleeve Notes" on the White Album.

Michael Robbins said...

& that Big Star box makes me mad. Why can't Rhino make a box that contains the first two records & the various versions of Third/Sister Lovers? Instead, we get some grab bag, while the shitty bargain twofer from the early 90s of #1 & Radio City is reissued without an upgrade. Thanks!

Don Share said...

The latest Big Star 2-fer is remastered & has bonus tracks.

Jordan said...

That's all fine and well but when are they going to reissue the early Chilton solos? At this late date Wilder Valderrama and Topher Grace have ruined any chance of listening to #1 Record with sheer unpolluted joy again. In which case, the world owes us a new pristine version of Chilton's cover of I've Had It, raggedy drunk nah-nah-nah-nahs heightened and cynical despair deepened.

Don Share said...

Which LX demos do you mean? These?:

Maybe these?:

This is still avail:

I love the "I've Had It" on Flies just the way it is. RE Flies... Greggie, in Baron of Love, pt.2 = my h.s. pal, Greg Belz!

Michael Robbins said...

The bonus tracks don't add up to much, in my view, but, then again, they never do. Plus how much more shoddy could the packaging be? The cover was an aesthetic crime in 1992 & it's even more of one today.

I'm not saying I didn't just pre-order the box set though.

Michael Robbins said...

a rare instance of clear thinking from pitchfork:

Jordan said...

The gist of the p4k is ok but "India Song" skippable???? "Drink gin and tonic and play grand piano / Read a few books / Far from what saddens my heart" is about as close to a sustainable mantra as I've ever heard.

Which I guess means I'm the target audience for the p4k putdowns of Big Star fans? Tant f*****' pis.