Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larkin: Missing Link between Baywatch and Bergvall?

1.) Recently discovered letters from Philip Larkin to Monica Jones disclose that the poet became so obsessed with the hit television show Baywatch that he considered writing to the producers and offering his services as their new leading man.

2.) "The fact that poetic and literary cultures in Britain are still resolutely separate from other artforms, unless dealing with theatrical performance, certainly plays an important part in generating this sort of sclerosis between verbal and non-verbal arts." — Caroline Bergvall, October 26, 2009

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Jordan said...

Image make me uncomfortable!

J.H. Stotts said...


dismissiveness is a real liability; how is one to be taken seriously after overlooking all the 'quiet' poets? besides the fact that frost clearly holds the highground, he is still prophetic for the way his poetry, ironically, overlooks the resentful future teeming rabblement now flooding the lowground.
doesn't he (silly) sound like the low whine of the rose tree regiment assaulting the rose?

Michael Robbins said...

It's amusing how quickly the "post-avant" echo chamber has become a reactionary repository of idées reçues. Lowell mediocre! Eliot stupid! Him make Language poet learn read!