Saturday, November 28, 2009

Death to the either/or proposition!

"I'm a serious composer, but I'm working at a time when audiences no longer assume strong and exclusive allegiances to one musical style.  The significant thing isn't what's happening to me, it's what's happening to audiences." -- Philip Glass, ca. 1979

"I think the dividing line between establishment and non-establishment is breaking down.... The underground or any movement is not going to succeed by not succeeding...  Korzybski pointed out that one of the basic errors of Western thought is the either/or proposition, which is implicit in our language.  'Are they broadcasting an anti-establishment message or are they -'  Well, they might be doing both at the same time quite well.  Or all sorts of variations.  Really it's not an either/or proposition." -- William Burroughs, ca. 1972

(Both in interviews with Robert Palmer, Blues & Chaos)


Paul said...

absolutely and while we're at it can we get rid of modus ponens too?

Kent Johnson said...

Though now that the Either/Or we held so dear has been taken back, maybe it won't be so fun anymore...