Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making a list, checking it once

By now I'm sure that any Attention Span (ha!) for poetry lists has waned; there are so many of them.  But here's my listomania, after which you can cleanse your palette by reading Kent Johnson on the subject.  In spite of which, I hereby present... another pointless list!

Poetry book of the year:

The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry, ed. by Mark Weiss.  A whole island of poetry, indeed: reading this book, you discover a new world. What could be more exciting than that?  On the Harriet end o' year list, guff was given about this & other selections being "acceptable," whatever that means, and over-40.  I doubt the dissenter has read this book, in that case;  there's deeply wild stuff in it which would be much lauded if it had been published by young small-pressed North Americans. 

Poetry crit kinda book o' the year:

Daniel Tiffany's Infidel Poetics.  John Latta says CROCK!  Calls it turgid, but who says books should go down easy?  And why shouldn't they be infuriating, as this one surely is (obscurity as a material substance! monads!!)?  It's part lit-crit, contemporary-style, part poem [I think John may be right to say "flarfish"], and... DT can correct me if wrong, but I find a cheek here and there with an infidel tongue in it.  I found it way less sluggeroonish than Sound of Poetry/Poetry of Sound - and hey, do you guys know of any other recent book that digs up, and digs, "cant" writing? I underlined and annotated the heck out of it: fun!

Poetry book list of the year:

Why, my list at Third Factory, natch.  OK, not really; see below.

Poetry blog of the year:

Steve Fellner, Pansy Poetics

Here are a few lists that are better than mine:

* Best Poetry Blogs, thanks to Joseph Hutchinson
* Poetry Foundation best poetry o' the year list
* Best good bad-poetry ever
* Important books of the 'oughties
* A better year for poetry books in the UK?
* A whole decade of Canadian poetry books!
* List of poetry books people are actually buying (= I now believe that a SoQ actually exists)
* List of poetry books SPD says people are actually buying 
* A very expansive list, via Anselm Berrigan
* List of the biggest big-deal writers of all time

And if X-mas is your thing, here's the best X-mas reading list I've found...

BUT - who needs a list?  Read yourself some good books, even if they weren't published in 2009.


Jordan said...

Been saving the Cuba book for Christmas... can't hardly wait.

TC said...

Hi Donnie,

So who's this Harriet? I feel kinda sorry for her, there's gotta be a better way for a girl to get dates. Oops maybe she's a pal of yours huh? I never know whose toes I might be stepping on when I'm at your parties, it's fun but all a little bit over my head. Oh well I guess it's the holidaze after all. Anyway thanks for inviting me over.

Uh-oh, just went past my Twitter word limit!

Love to all


Don Share said...

You can step on my toes any old time!

TC said...


Were those your toes? Oh my, I was just feeling for the ground.

(As Paris was acting up, I've dispatched her back to her box under the Christmas tree.)

Francisco Aragón said...

The Cuba book sounds like a winner.