Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orange you glad I posted this?

What is rhyme?  What rhymes with orange?  Click here to find out!  Orange you glad I posted this?


Jordan said...

I have to find and post the clip of Franklin Bruno's song that includes rhymes for orange, purple and silver.

Bobby said...

Someday when I’m rich
I’ll build me a boat
drag it down to the shore
and set it afloat.
I’ll fill up the hold
with orangey larding
and christen my ship
the Warren G. Harding.

Don Share said...

Rhyme, echo the name of Ezra Pound
Whom the war capitalists impounded.
For miserable years he pounded
The wall of modern verse, expounded
The madness of dollar, franc and pound.
Forget the theories he propounded,
But praise the language he compounded.
The centuries are in that pound.